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 ...And Dance
  This is my newest site.  
  ...And Dance (as in
  Praise Him with the
  timbrel And dance)
  is destined to become
  a full service web site
  for the Christian
  dancer and supplier.
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or write to
Karen Woolard
c/o Son Life Church
Collinsville, IL 62234


May the Lord bless you as
you seek His face and seek
to glorify Him.  May all who
know you be touched by
the love you have for the
Lord as you express it with
all thy heart and soul and might


For workshop information,
clip art, the Dance Circle
membership, and more please
visit ...And Dance, my other, expanded site.
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Adding Christian Sacred Dance
To Your Praise And Worship Vocabulary

Thank you for visiting 'Adding Christian Sacred Dance To Your Praise And Worship Vocabulary'.   Please be sure to visit '...And Dance', my expanded site.

Dear Worshippers,

Please refer to the last update (below). I have found out that I am responsible for finding funding for the entire cost of my trip to Costa Rica (normally we only have to raise half of the funds). I had not planned on asking for donations from my readers because I had not been updating my sight with articles of instruction or encouragement in order to bless you. I did not feel I could ask for donations without having first ministered to you. Unfortunately, it is not in my budget to pay for the entire trip.

I ask that you prayerfully consider sending a donation to me for my expenses for our mission trip to Costa Rica. I don't believe in manipulation so please just simply pray and follow God's leading.

I pray that you are blessed (whether you donate or not). I look forward to updating this site soon and to sharing my exciting news (mentioned below) with you as soon as possible. Don't forget to download my FREE Christian Dance Clipart (see link below).

All donations should be sent to:
Karen Woolard
c/o Son Life Church
1203 Vandalia
Collinsville, IL 62234

Previous Update

Dear Worshippers,

I'm sorry for the long time between updates. I was locked out of my site for unknown reasons and have just now regained access. Strangely enough I am once again preparing to go on a missions trip to Costa Rica.

The trip is scheduled for the first week in May. Members of Son Life Dance Company will accompany our pastors and our Masters Commission group to minister once again to the people of Costa Rica. We will also have the opportunity to teach dance as an expression of worship at a worship conference while we are there.

I have some very exciting news that I cannot yet tell you. Check back in a month or two. In the meantime, if you would like to be on the mailing list to receive this great news simply write to me at the address below.

Be Blessed,

Son Life Church ATTN: Karen Woolard 1203 Vandalia Collinsville, IL 62234

September 11

Heavenly Father,

We, your people, humble ourselves before you. We seek your will for our country. We worship you alone and look to you, Lord, for all that we need. We ask that you would send revival and ask that you would heal our land. Without you we have no hope, we have no future. But with you Lord all things are possible. We love and adore you Lord... Amen

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