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Beyond    Artistry    Unto    Worship

In preparing for the up-coming workshop at Son Life Church, I was doing some research in the Word (you can download a free Bible program from My class is titled "Beyond Artistry into Worship". So, I thought I would share a few thoughts with all of you.

I have heard so many dancers say "I can't worship when I dance' or "I can't dance when I worship" (these really are two different things). So I decided to address this problem at the workshop.

Because of the nature of worship itself, on one level, simply doing something because you know it pleases God can be worship. But there is a place of communion with God that can be found in worship. If we allow ourselves to touch those places in our heart where we are genuinely thankful we come before God with an entirely different attitude. If we allow that thankfulness to expand to all areas of our lives, recognizing God's supreme goodness in all things, we will develope a lifestyle of worship. The more I think about how good he is, how great he is, how loving he is, the more I worship. After all, we only love Him because He first loved us. If we acknowledge His love and goodness in all areas of our life our response of love to Him will grow. As our love grows, the desire to express this love grows (they really must go hand in hand).

Connecting dance and this desire to express our love for God becomes a challenge. How do we get to the place where our expression matches our love? We don't. Or should I say I hope we don't. It is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks and I would say the body dances. It is important to train the body, stretch the body and discipline the body more and more. We must never forget, however, that this is only that we might better express ourselves to the Lord and better minister to His people. If we allow our skill to surpass our love (or remain so) then dance becomes a shallow performance.

I realize this doesn't tell you how to get to the place where your dancing is a true expression of your worship. That takes practice along with the working of the Holy Spirit and your willingness to see absolutely everything in your life as the expression of God's love for you. I know that sounds strange but remember, He takes ALL things and works them together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. If thats not love, I don't know what is. This does not mean there are never times to do Spiritual warfare, etc. It just means if God has allowed it then it will turn out to be for your good. you may learn patience, or diligence or faithfulness, or longsufferring or how to pray for another person. Whatever is happening in your life today can be a stepping stone to a closer relationship with God or a stumbling block. Allow God to make it become a stepping stone. Allow Him to develop a thankful heart in you. Allow Him to give you an abundance in your heart that causes your mouth to speak and your feet to dance to the Glory of God. He is good and He loves you and He is worthy of our praise, as a whole person, spirit... soul... and body.


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